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Double Wall Cup

  • Designed with an additional layer to create an air wall, providing thermal insulation for hot drinks like coffee.
  • Its easy-handle shape makes it convenient to hold.
  • Paired with hot lids, which feature easy and safe opening to prevent spills
  • This cup is an ideal choice for enjoying hot beverages.
  • Stay comfortable and enjoy your favorite hot drinks on the go with the double wall paper cup,
  • Ensuring your drink stays hot and your hands stay cool.



Ultra-tight rim roll

Ultra-tight rim roll, enginneered for superior performance, to optimise side wall rigidity, ensure a secure hand hold and perfect “snap-on” lid fit.

Inner coating

Made from good grade PE ( polyethylene), PLA or Non-plastic coating.

Side wall

Made with food grade paper and superior printing quality for branding.

The base

Hihg strength and water proof paper baord to gurantee the hot content inside falover and taste.

Package Size

Product Code Size Capacity RIM Diameter Packing Quantity Case Quantity
PSHYDW120 4.5oz 120ml 60mm 25pcs 1000
PSHYDW210 7oz 210ml 72mm 25pcs 1000
PSAHDW300 8oz 300ml 80mm 25pcs 1000
PSHYDW310 9oz 310ml 90mm 25pcs 500
PSAHDW330 10oz 330ml 90mm 25pcs 500
PSAHDW400 12oz 400ml 90mm 25pcs 500
PSAHDW500 16oz 500ml 90mm 25pcs 500

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