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Paper Cups

Convenient, hygienic, eco-friendly. Ideal for various occasions.
Recyclable, absorbent, and leak-proof. Enhance convenience and reduce environmental impact.

Paper Container

Eco-friendly, heat-resistant, leak-proof, and versatile.
Combining functionality and aesthetics for reliable and sustainable food service

Paper Raw

PE/PLA Coated Paper Rolls & Die-cut Paper Fans;
Aluminum Foil / Metallizing Coated Paper Rolls;
Apply for die-cut, offset/flexo printing machines;


Eco-friendly bio-degradable materials like PLA, corn-starch, and sugar cane offer sustainable alternatives for bowls, containers, cups, reducing environmental impact and promoting a greener future.

Wrapping Paper

Grease-proof, oil-proof food wrappers in rolls or sheets. Keep food warm, store in the refrigerator.
Ideal for burgers, cheese, sandwiches. Convenient and cost-effective for take-away food.


Customizable and bio-degradable, paper and plastic forks, straws, and lids are essential accessories for cups, bowls, and containers.
They provide convenience while being environmentally friendly, offering sustainable options for food service needs.
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